Wednesday, June 3, 2009


it's scary to think about stuff sometimes
it's scary to think about..
-being a senior
-losing all my 09 seniors
-college apps
-that I'm starting work Monday
-That I have the hugest final tomorrow that i can't study for
-That i totally bombed my german final today.
-Personal Statements
-My dwindling friendships
-The friendships I'm building that are just going to fade away...
-The economy.

It's times like these where God shows me I need to turn to the only One who promises and will deliver peace to me. It's been so long since I've gone on my roof and just breathed, having some "sit time" with God that we can just be with each other. no distractions.
and it seriously breaks my heart into ten thousand shattered pieces when I see people who can't just turn to God anytime.

finally hung out with cheryl yesterday. Kinda ironic how impossible our schedules are - -. my bffl :) whom i can sit with and not say anything and it'd be fine haha

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