Monday, December 3, 2007

where'd the love go?

whatever happened to the compassion? the empathy? the good-hearted? the love?
you have all these "nice things" yet you trample all over each other and those who aren't as blessed.

maybe you're blessed with a loving family who offers you their time
when maybe someone else has no family at all.
maybe you have friends who make you laugh
when maybe someone cant make friends.
maybe you have shoes on your feet
while someone else has developed such bad calus that they dont even think about it anymore?
maybe you're blessed with a computer to be reading this blog??

does this someone else really deserve the caring less than you do?

why do we just shrug them off? of course it's easier to forget about them, but not for me.
i dont understand how you can stand there and be so ignorant of those around you who deserve all that you have, but you give them nothing. HOw you can watch the ones you love cry and weep on the inside and you cant even open your arms to embrace them in a hug and show them your compassion.

it's not the good ones who need the help, it's the messed up ones who do, the ones deprived of the love that you can offer them. perhaps you can't offer much, but dont you owe society the effort? i mean... wasnt society the one who put you in your place in the first place?
can we not step outside of our boundaries a couple inches to reach out and touch someone in our lives?

i'm searching for someone who will stop thinking about themselves, stop thinking about what kind of car they're gonna get or why their parents are so not understanding or why it didn't work out between you and that boyfriend or how much better their life can be, and stop and thank GOD for letting you be alive to feel these things!
i'm searching for the someone inside of me. i'm sick of this twisted way of thinking. i'm done being just another fucked up, self-absorbed kid.

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