Monday, September 3, 2007

"fraught with peril"

sometimes I stop and wonder: "is this another head first dive into a wet pool of messiness, dry tears, wasted time, and more stress acne?." honestly, I really do believe it, but theres a spark of hope that's caught on to a little piece of firewood, and it's starting to grow, and these series of events and people that are popping up in my life are like little drops of gasoline & oil, taunting and taunting this little flame to grow into a forest brush fire in a matter of moments. I know that later, when the firemen come, the fire will be too big already to put out, and many failed attempts to fix it will go down the drain, but despite the facts that I know and the future I KNOW will happen, you could look into this little window of my life and see me slowly lowering myself into this pool, and you ask "What is she doing?? Does she not see what's happening inside??" And I agree, but with this great urge, I give in, because that's what always happens. Temptation prevails. It's too much...
I just simply must not let it happen... ..!! stoooooooooooop!!!

oh no.

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