Sunday, July 8, 2007

busy days

dont make busy blogs :(
which is sad, because i enjoy blogging.
so i signed this thing with my accou ntability partner, bianca;; so we are going to do a six-week devotional challenge by Paster ted ewing (PH.D) haha. so basically, every day for 6 weeks, 15 minutes devotion, i guess. if i fail & miss one day, it's away with waterpolo season, i guess... but think about it... how am i supossed to find time to do all these sports, do well in school, remain faithful attending church, and eat & sleep if i cant spend fifteen minutes of each day with the most important thing there is... in this life and out, my God, my father, the Holy Spirit & best friend??? i think i could give up a "valuable" for the one who gave me
it's on, baby! and once a week, fridays before church = dinnner w/ bianca, accountabilitize.

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