Monday, June 11, 2007


it is the eleventh of June, year two thousand and seven.
the first hour of summer has past by
and i have spent it on the computer;; on the internet, and on myspace, facebook, and whatnot.
and a series of links have led me to my blogspot! where i have not yet found the energy to blog in.
however, i felt inspired [by gunny's blog] so i feel as if i should type my innermost random thoughts and feelings with a sticky keyboard that my mom jacked from my computer to bring downstairs since she spilled nail polish remover all over hers.
i watched "BLOOD & CHOCOLATE" today on a blockbuster with sally.
on Saturday, we [Kathleen, Michelle, Cheryl, i] went to sixflags. fun stuff.
and being broke at six flags is not the most exciting thing ever.
i added a "married in friendship to Cheryl" ring to my ring collection.

and i have been thinking....
u love whatever it is u want to love you back. whatever it is that may bind you to that belief of "love" however is not, for it is only a want, of that that could not be this love therefore your love is perhaps not a love at all, but a want for a love that could perhaps not even be. then what is this "love?" shall i even speak of this love that i know not of? if my whole perception of this love is simply a love of a want, then where shall i find this love? shall it find me? if another doesn't have this love either, how could it find me, if under the same circumstance, i cannot find it? could it find me if it already knows the love it is searching with? can you truly love more than once? how could you love 110% twice? what is this mysterious action/being/description that i find myself to be so curious of?
i have yet to encounter "that love," but i have experienced "THE love," and that is the love of God. call me crazy

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gunny said...

hey crazy...

yer perty deep chica.

yer absolutely right about how love is deceiving and there is no way to find whut love is or if your truly loving someone. and God is the only love that won't letchu down.

i liked reading yer innermost random thoughts =] shows ppl who you really are and that we're all human tryna get thru life :D