Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making New Friends

Making new friends happens each day, but my question is: What defines a friend?
I remember when I was in kindergarten/early elementary years, I would start playing with someone and eventually ask the big question: "Are you my friend?" Most times, they would just say "okay," "yeah!" or "I think so," and we'd continue along, playing happily. For some reason, though, knowing that person was now officially my friend really made me feel like I was on top of the world! Being friends meant we would have each others' backs, and I could approach them at any time for any reason, talk about anything, and share silly, memorable times with.

..Why should a friend be anything different now?

For some reason, now I'm worried about a billion things whenever I'm making a new friend, like...
Are we both on the same page?
Are we at that level of friendship yet?
How much about myself should I reveal to this person?
How much has this person actually revealed of him/herself to me?
How often is hanging out too often?
Can I trust this person with my love?
What does this person think about sharing burdens?
Will this person think I'm crazy for being nice and caring for them?

It's interesting how we turn away from being innocent, naive, trusting, free lovers and turn into insecure individuals marked with bruises and scars.

I say, eff it. Love one, love all. Everyone has their own story, everyone has reasons for doing what they do. And I don't care what you say, nobody wants to be alone and unloved forever.


Alice Young said...

Oh my friend, you're so wise! I totally feel the same. Except I've come to your conclusion much later than I should have. So glad that self-conscious-insecure stuff is out of the way for us.

Stephanie said...

amen sista.

i'll take you out to eat when u come back in la!