Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baylor-filled weekend

Friday: Boys Basketball game with Lynette and Ashley. Baylor victory for both the boys and girls! i CAN'T WAIT for conference games ! :) Sonic wth ashley and Lynette

Saturday: XC Regionals with the track& XC team to cheer on our contenders. CONGRATULATIONS TO ROBBYN BENNETT!!! =D (qualifier for nationals)
Baylor vs. TAMU a good game, a defeat for the bears, but a good first half, at least...
^plus, Me, Ashley and JT made NATIONAL TELEVISION in the FRONT ROW at the game ;)

babysitting kOBE, my favorite pitbull-mix for Jeremy while the study-holic escapes from work for a weekend

little caesar's and SUPERBAD with ashley

breakfast @ penland with the track & XC kids
good times, good times and a good nap with Kobe

work overload. double shift
Good conversations, cool people :)

another weekend here at Baylor University.

Next weekend: JESS'S WEDDING!! =D

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