Saturday, September 11, 2010


This past week....
due to a combination of P.M.S., boredom, loneliness, frustration and a plethora of memories,

..or maybe just PMS,

i was a crying wreck.
i felt really lonely.
i went through almost 2 seasons of grey's anatomy
i got really frustrated
i took it out on my poor boyfriend (he's a champ)
i gained/lost weight
i froze to near death in my overly-airconditioned room.
i aced tests.
i aced essays.
lots of stuff went on, yet the loneliness prevailed.
i might be surrounded by people and friends, but i felt so alone still.
like i said, i was really frustrated... and my poor, swamped boyfriend got the worst of it.

my parents came to visit me!
we ate at La Fiesta and had some bomb food
Baylor beat the Buffalos 34-6
Ashley, my new Baylor friend, and her parents and i went to eat Cheddar's

and i felt a little more human.

but there's still a place in my heart that just longs to laugh with my friends about nothing in particular, go to Steph's after church on Sunday, leave my stuff on the stairs when i get home, take my dogs Dian-dian and Cha-Cha to the JV field at Walnut High School,
to drive - and going where i wanna go whenever i have time, fall asleep with my pup Friederich, and most of all - snuggle up with a cup of warm Egyptian Licorice Kogi tea with my Boyfriend watching a pointless movie and falling asleep in his arms.

but to every down side there's an upside, i guess...
-i love writing letters
-i love receiving letters!
-i love taking at least a nap or two a day
-i love some of my new friends i've made, especially this one girl in track. Her name's Lynette. I like her the best.
-football games
-finding out which friends really do love me and make an effort to k.I.T.
-studying and not procrastinating, actually EARNING good grades
-biking everywhere!

i miss home still, though...


Stephanie said...

:( to the first part of your post. However, the end makes me happy! I'm so glad your parents got to visit you (that's so sweet of them) and how you're doing so well in school (i'm so proud of you). Trust me I miss sunday afternoons with you soooo much too. I think we took them for granted. I know it's hard to adjust but you'll get there, you're a strong girl!! I miss you and love you so much!!! I got your letter too and It made me so happy. I will write you one I promise... it's just been really busy here. And unlike you, I'm not sure if I'm able to get good grades yet so we'll see! Okay, this is getting to long. I love you and you know you can always call me :]

Alice Young said...

Angel! You are doing okay! You are a champ too. I still owe you some letters and crafts and chats. Will fulfill them soon... hopefully. Don't ever mope when you feel lonely, just call one of your numerous friends up to talk, like me! I love you Angel!