Friday, September 24, 2010

finding myself.

So here at Baylor, they strongly encourage us to take a Strengths Finder test.
My results were....


I always hated taking these personality tests, when you're asked to define yourself as a person...

Today in our BU1000 small group, one question was.. How are we going to find ourselves here in college.
My answer is this: Why are we always trying to FIND ourselves!? The harder we try, the more lost we're going to be. Life is not constant! It throws stuff at you that will challenge you to be this & that. We should be able to learn and grow. I hate it when people try to put a definition on me. My most loathed words are "I know how you are." I would rather here "I don't like you" or "I hate you" than have someone assume they know me. Because who the hell knows me?! I don't even know myself yet. How I'm going to respond to something is MY business. You can judge my actions AFTER they happen. Don't tell me what I'm GOING to do - I decide that.

Anyway, I answered the best I could, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. However, the results don't limit me to be that way. I plan to change. I don't want to live a life where everything I do is obvious and assumed. Like a flowing river that's always fresh, always changing, so shall I be ever-changing, confident with it, and a force of nature.


Alice Young said...

I like your rant.

I like hearing "I know you" from someone who I know cares for me. Because there it sounds like "I love you for who you are."

I hate hearing "I know you" from someone who I know doesn't care for me. Because there it sounds like "you can never be better than what I already pegged you down to be."

Isn't it nice to be known sometimes and not have to explain yourself or have to go through the process of being known or getting to know someone? Isn't that why we miss old friends and family?

Stephanie said...

^ I agree w/ Alice. There are definitely pros and cons to that phrase.

I also think parents and friends are there to help you grow, and they contribute to the growing people we are. And I do believe that they can know things sometimes, that we may not know.