Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sunday evenings

I sleep around 3 am, wake up and go to school around 7:30, come home at around 4:30, and sleep until nighttime, around 9. I do my thing, finish my homework, and go back to sleep. it's a sad sleep schedule and it makes me sad.

so I'm thinking very hard about asking a certain person to go to church with me Sunday evening at CCV (Christ Church of the Valley), where Stephanie introduced me to the contemporary speakers and worship. It's a nice place to recharge and be on fire. Next week, there will be a special speaker from India who was almost killed as a martyr. Out of somewhere, nowhere, I dont know where, I felt like i should invite this person to go with me. I did invite someone else (just to see if he'll come), and that was a fail. kaploot. The pastor last week said there are 4 reasons why we don't invite our friends with us to church:
1. you're embarrassed about your faith
2. you dont know enough text/bible to answer and reply to questions.
3. you think they're out of reach or "impossible"
4. your own faith is suffering

However, I think number 1 and 4 apply to me in the slightest bit and I really need to learn to push those nerves aside, and invite this person because it's important. What's so weird about me inviting this person, though, is that it would be TOTALLY random and out of the blue.
I'm really going to need to completely trust God on this one.
And I'm gonna need his strength if I get rejected, too. It's selfish, but still... kind of almost REALLY awkward. whatever. If it kills what little relationship we have right now, at least it was for good reason, and that I tried.

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