Sunday, June 8, 2008


after a lot of thought, i've decided i'm going to post some of my secrets. stuff that i would post on postsecret. or already have.

1. my parents are the most wonderful, strongest, faithful, and smartest, loveliest people i have ever met and i wish i could tell them that straight up.
i hope they have that whole telepathy thing where they can read their kids' minds so they know i think that, because i'm too stubborn to tell them.

2. i've had this major crush on you since forever and everyday i still think i do. i would never get bored of you like i do with many other people. if you were to take me, i'd be yours. i wish i was the girl you talked about / fantasize about.

3. i'm terrified to the bones you're gonna read this ^ and know who you are. but i dont think you will.

4. i've always wanted to post a secret on the bathroom door in the girls' bathroom. i think i will one day. but i'm afraid people will put my secret down / comment on it.

5. I want to be your friend. whether i know you or not.

6. i've always wanted to meet someone online and have the most intimate/secret discussion/conversations

7. i despise people who push me around but i still let them do it.

8. sometimes i put up a wall (even though it may not seem like it) to see who cares enough to tear it down

9. my friends are radical people. the ones i hang around dont care as much as i would like them to, though. i bet they dont even read my blog.

10. i think i was a mistake, but i thank God everyday that i was created

11. mr. aalmund is my inspiration because of one little conversation we had.

12. i like to people-watch and make up stories about their lives.

13. i miss my best friend

14. i miss the best friend i had when i was little who moved to thailand on a long-term mission trip. she never really came back. and when i went to thailand on a short-term mission trip last year, we were in the same city, but she didnt even come to the hotel to see me. i only had one day. this year when i go back, i pray she will come to say hello.

15. i am afraid a lot of the time to share God's word. so sometimes i just try to share his love. I shouldn't be.

16. sometimes i type up a secret, right click & copy it, then i delete it so nobody reads it but there is a small chance that someone might.

17. i dont give a sh*t who reads my secrets. i dont care if you judge me. i hope you had a great time reading them, though. because i want to give back to the people who posted their secrets on postsecret. i had a delightful time reading them and crying with you all


YA' HEARD said...

Oh Angel..I read everything =)
I like your secrets a lot, they forsure belong in YOUR own post secret book

YA' HEARD said...

btw, this is MICHELLE

Michelle said...

DO YOU HAVE TWO BLOGSPOTS?? I was liek wtf hahahah.
Thanks for reading mine =)